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welcome to my cozy little corner of the internet! i'm known online as mocha, but all of my friends love calling me by mimi, so feel free to do so as well~ i'm 19 years old and go by she/her pronouns. i decided to create this little blog project so i could have something to distract myself with and work on, and i still have little to no knowledge in coding and lots i need to improve... but, so far, i'm really enjoying this experience and it kinda already became my new obsession! you will see me updating this site quite often, just like i will also be sharing lots of new projects with new ideas and designs. i'm a beginner at all of this, but coding and editing is my favorite hobby and it really helps me to relax. i hope you enjoy your staying here! ♡

now listening to... sweet venom by enhypen ♡ stream orange blood for a happy life!

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made of heart-shaped clouds and the feeling of coziness. all she knows is to love and to appreciate the kindness in this universe. she has the spirit of an artist and loves to express herself through her creativity with art and words. her bedroom is a sanctuary, filled with collections of all kinds — soft plushies, broken sea shells, small rocks she finds on her daily walks. she appreciates the small things, that’s it. writing is, as one says, her biggest passion; when her heart feels too full and heavy with all the feelings she carries, there's nothing more soothing than writing it all out.

she loves the color pink, forehead kisses, strawberries, listening to her cats' purring, whale songs, soft romances that brings you the warm feeling of love and joy, girl groups, designing new sites, anything my melody related, cute little animals, the cartoon bee & puppycat, the genre slice of life, isekai manhwas, studying new languages, iced coffee, magical girls, shoujo, enhypen &, more than anything in this universe, sim jaeyun.


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12月20日: fixed minor bugs + optimized it better for mobile
12月20日: finished my /links page
12月19日: finished my /about me page
12月18日: finished my /diary page & wrote my first entry
12月16日: finished homepage
12月16日: added a "link me" script to the page
12月16日: added song + snow rain to the site
12月15日: created my button
12月15日: fixed minor bugs