mocha or mimi

19. she/her. femme lesbian. latina (from brazil). pink lover.

mocha, the pinkiest princess of all times, a little kitten adorned in lace and satin ribbons. nice to meet you! & welcome to my precious blog. ♡


my eyes are light green with a little tint of brown. they are also big and round, like puppy eyes. i have medium, wavy dark brown hair. my skin is very pale and i have a small tattoo on my left wrist (it's an ouroboros symbol).

who am i? find out!

i'm a very shy and introverted person, but when i'm online i fortunately feel way less anxious and become very talkative! which is a characteristic of mine that makes me very happy, since i love making new friends ^3^

i think it has been, like, 2 months since i started my learning with coding websites and managing my very own blog, but this already became my biggest passion and my major interest. i love graphic design and decorating my things with pink, laces, ribbons and everything that looks cute to my eyes, so my page is like a dream coming true and something that brings me an immense amount of happiness.

i'm literally OBSESSED with pink and ribbons, as you can clearly tell. i also love sanrio (specially my melody, hello kitty and the little twin stars) and anything that comes in pastel tones. my favorite movie genre is horror (yeah, the gory ones. i know, i know!) and i looove reading romcoms/slice of life. my favorite type of media to consume is manhwas (specially isekai romances).

character stats

mood: happy & creative!!
watching: cardcaptor sakura
reading: serena (webtoon)
listening to: orange blood by enhypen ♡
wishlist: dresses & ribbons


daily life: playing with my cats, coding websites, managing my blog, going for walks, collecting broken seashells.

gaming: genshin impact, honkai impact 3rd, animal crossing.

shows: bee & puppycat, k-on, moominvalley, sakura card captors ♥︎ over the garden wall, tamako market, kamisama kiss, hyouka, nekopara, kase-san & morning glories, hakumei & mikochi, sailor moon, onegai my melody, sanrio danshi.

my love: sim jaeyun ♥︎ huh yunjin, kim woonhak, song yuqi, kim jiwoo, yeh shuhua ♡ honda hitomi, jang wonyoung, naoi rei, hong eunchae, goo hara, anton lee.
music: enhypen, le sserafim, (g)i-dle, yena, newjeans, boynextdoor, orange caramel, ive, loona, iz*one, aespa, girls generation, fromis_9, billlie, bol4, iu, yukika, xikers ♥︎ ichiko aoba, lamp, tommy february6, mariana froes, skáld, castello branco, scatolove, joe hisaishi, saho terao, ikuko harada, nuuamm.

books: the love hypothesis, folk of the air trilogy, a winter’s promise ♥︎ carmilla, the silent companions ♡ witch hat atelier, romance 101, under the oak tree, to say the least this is love, in the clear moonlit dusk.