this is where i credit every resource used on my sites and my designs ♡
if there's something missing here and u know where certain material is from,
please don't hesitate to contact me and inform me about it! although i will always
try and make sure i know who's the owner of the resource i plan on using :)

all of the sanrio stickers were edited by me using official images from the brand,
just like the the pink lace divider used in my intro box is also an edit of mine.

the border used for the title in my page is owned by melokaji,
& the borders used in all of the info boxes were inspired by nyaa.
these two are my main inspiration for my site design!

all of the stamps used in my intro box has it's owner credited in
their titles, you just have to put your mouse over it (just a few of them
are unfortunately missing, since i couldn't find the original source
due to many reposts on different social medias )

this is a experimental
blog owned by

꿀 kkul